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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Day To Day Site

The construction Industry,like any other industry,requires efficient management of human resources & material for successful completion of a project at an optimum cost.Building construction and management as a subject has a wide scope and to better understand it practical experience is essential. problem that are bound to crop up in every project can be handled expertly by the site engineer.
An efficient site set up is one of the most basic and the simplest aspect of a systematic planned economical and safe construction. It ensures better utilization of available resources, equipment ,materials & a better control over the project. Detailed planning along with good management ensures that the work is not help up at any stage. Periodical inspection of the site coupled with suggestion helps in completion of the work as per the time schedules and quality standards.

General Site Rules

  • The site engineer must strictly follow the working hours of the site.he is expected to report at the site at least 15 minutes before schudule to ensure proper allocation of the work for smooth functioning.
  • Sunday is normally the weekly holiday.however if the presence if a site engineer is required for attending to the customers , curing work etc. then the site in charge may instruct a junior engineer/supervisor/storekeeper to be present on site for the day.
  • The site engineer/supervisor is responsible for the on time completion if the targeted job in case of backlog,extra hours should be put in to complete the work.
  • Similarly for every slab concreting the site engineer adn the supervisor should be present at the site till the completion of slab.
  • Employment of child labour is forbidden.Child labour can be defined as the labourer below eighteen years of age. The engineer should inform the contractors and watchman about the prohibition of child labour on site.
  • Any accident on site,should be reported to the head office immediately. This will enable the management to take immediate action to help affected employee.
  • if the site engineer is forced to remain absent then he must convey his absence to the particular site as well as to the head office.

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