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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Responsibilities Of Site Staff

Successful completion of a project in all respects calls for the following qualities in the site staff

  • Hard Work
  • Complete devotion to work
  • Consciousness of responsibilities
  • Awareness of new techniques and products
  • Decision making capacity to meet the challenges.
Responsibility of the Storekeeper
  • Record the store material receipts and consumption on a daily basis.
  • Checking the stock as per records.
  • Receiving materials , stocking, recording of receipts, assisting J.E. to prepare quality reports of the received materials.
  • Issue materials as per the indent for different works
  • General supervision on the site regarding wastage of material,Improper use of material etc.
  • Recollecting any Balance/unused materials at the end of the working day.
  • Handling over te charge of material lying in the site premises to the night security personnel from the day security guards.
  • Update records on display boards and display slates regarding the stock.
  • Prepare fortnightly / monthly consumption reports jointly with the junior engineer.
  • Prepare a list of excess material.
  • Update the stocks periodically.
  • Inform the concerned engineer of the status of balance material in order to raise further indent.
  • Follow up with material suppliers,with prior consent from purchase department, to ensure timely supply.
  • Maintain records of departmental tools, machinery etc on site.
  • Maintain records of cash purchase.
  • Records of empty cement bags received from contractor.
  • Maintain records of electricity and water bills.
  • Inform the concerned engineer of the working condition of the machinery.
Responsibility of the Supervisor
  • Day to day supervision of ongoing construction work 
  • maintain proper labour force to complete the specified departmental work
  • Co operate with the store keeper bu supplying labourers fir the unloading the material received in the site.
  • Assist J.E. in technical checking of the ongoing work
  • Prepare a daily list of the departmental labour employed and allocation of work, as instructed by the engineer.
  • Check and control the wastage of material on site.
  • Calculate the material requirement for a particular job.
  • Co ordinate with the respective agencies to keep up the speed of project completion.
  • Collect material from the suppliers as per the instructions issued by the engineer.
  • supervise concrete block making work, inspect quality of blocks and maintain the daily records of quantity for casting of blocks.
  • Write the number and date of casting after de-shuttering of any concrete member.
  • Assist J.E. in preparing daily reports, quality reports, Bills etc.
  • Check the curing work.
  • Check site cleaning regularly after the closing of the day's work
  • Check the temporary water and electricity arrangement.
  • Check & control unneccessary movements of outsiders on the premises.
Reposibility of the Junior Engineer (J.E.)
  • Technical Supervision of the ongoing civil work.
  • Co ordination between different contractors and agencies to maintain the project speed at the construction site.
  • Control any wastage and improve quality of workmanship.
  • Work out the requirements of different materials for construction.
  • Prepare requisition for different materials well in advance.
  • Check the material received and prepare quality reports.
  • Assist S.E. in maintaining quality of all civil work such as concreting,masonry,plastering,flooring etc.
  • Collect departmental labour payments from the head office and make payemtns to labourers with due receipts or vouchers.
  • Make quality checks on the concrete blocks manufactured,along with their recordings.
  • Communicate necessary instruction to supervisors and departmental labourers.
  • Cash purchasing of the material from the market.
  • Prepare and submit monthly consumption reports,daily progress reports etc with proper assistance from storekeeper and the supervisor.
  • Assist the Senior Engineer in preparing bills of different contractors.
  • Control stores in the absence of storekeeper.
  • Raise memos to the concerned agencies for minor/major wastage occurred on the site.
  • Collect the drawing from the architect/structural consultant etc.
  • Inform the S.E. /Project Engineer of any requirement of materials.
  • Discuss technical problems/drawing and execution difficulties withe senior engineer/project engineer.

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