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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Construction Organization- Function of Various Department

Engineering Department

  • Survey of various projects
  • preparing the plans and drawings as per the requirements of the sales department.
  • Estimating the quantities of work and project cost.
  • Finalizing the specifications as per the sales requirement.
  • Preparing schedule of the work,(bar chart)
  • Preparing material schedule and submitting it to the purchase department.
  • Preparing financial schedule and submitting it to the finance department.
  • Updating the schedule the as and when required.
  • Entrusting the work to various contractors and labourers.
  • procurement of various materials, tools and plants as and when required.
  • Execution and supervision of work.
  • Preparing rate analysis for various items and extra amenities.
  • Preparing the Bills of Various contractors and submitting it to the accounts departments for payment.
  • Checking the suppliers bills and forwarding them for payment to the accounts department.
  • Maintaining the quality and speed of work
  • Training the staff for better quality and output
  • Maintenance of the work executed
  • Other Developments
  • Finalizing extra amenities for clients.
Purchase Department
  • Study of the material schedule submitted by engineering department.
  • Submitting he requirement of cash flow to the finance department accordingly.
  • Implementing the budget sanctioned in HOD meetings.
  • Placing order for material and making it available for the progress of various sites according to their schedule charts.
  • Market survey for new materials and development of new sources of supply.
  • Selection and followup for quality materials supply with continuity
  • Developing good and reliable suppliers and ensuring satisfactory vendor relations.
  • Updating the market rates and information of new products.
  • Keep the Director informed about material developments that might affect the company's profit.
Finance Department
  • Preparing the annual budget as per policy decision.
  • Allocating the funds tp various departments.
  • Arranging for funds through clients,bankers,depositors to achieve the target.
  • Reconciliation of utilizarion of funds.
  • Allocation of funds as per priority.
 Personnel & Administrative Department
  • Set the rules and regulations of the organization as per the prevailing Government rules.
  • Allocation of space and furniture to various departments.
  • Encouraging the staff by rewards,appreciation,increments etc.
  • Submitting various reports to Government and local authorities.
  • Maintaining the musters and pay rolls of employees.
  • Arranging functions,tours,training program for betterment of the company.
  • Encouraging extra curricular activities.
  • Maintaining the records of leaves and over time of staff.
  • Maintaining the records of provident fund, gratuity, medical benefit etc. for all staff.
Marketing & Sales Department

  • Surveying & submitting the trend of buyers in the market.
  • To go in search of goof locations for the scheme.
  • Manage the publicity and advertising of the company.
  • Give guidelines to engineering division for preparing the drawings & specifications of various projects, so as to increase their sale ability.
  • Prepare & submit the schedule of recovery to finance department for further planning.
  • Make efforts to turn client inquiry into a prospective buyer.
  • Selling the schemes make schedule of payments.
  • Recovery of the payments from client as per the stages of agreement.
Accounts Department

  • Prepare accounts and balance sheets.
  • Prepare profit and lose accounts.
  • Make the statements and payments of various taxes to be paid by company.
  • Get the balance sheet audited by the concerned authority.
  • Keep records of debit/credit for all suppliers/contractors and consultants.
  • Allocation of funds to various departments as per the budgeted provision.
  • Checking of bills as per the terms and conditions of contract/order.
  • Preparing and submitting the periodical statement of accounts to management.
  • Preparing & making the payments to the staff.
Legal Department

  • Checking of all the documents of property.
  • Give title clearance.
  • Prepare legal agreements between organization and its clients/land-lords.
  • Submission of legal documents to the concerned Government authority.
  • Attending and pleading on behalf of the organization in case of any disputes.
  • Formation of societies/apartments.
  • Prepare the sale deed and handling over the completed schemes to societies / apartments.

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