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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Construction Organization-Structure Of The Organization

An organization develops through a number of stages from foundation to maturity. Therefore, the structure of the organization also undergoes changes in tandem with the growth. As a norm, the building construction organization is a CENTRALIZED TYPE OF ORGANIZATION.

here,individual departments such as engineering,finance,purchase,sales etc. with their head of the departments(HOD) report directly to the top of the management.
Normally, a construction organization consists of the following departments.

  1. Engineering Department
  2. Purchase Department
  3. Finance Department
  4. Personnel & Administrative Department
  5. Marketing & Sales Department
  6. Accounts Department
  7. Legal Department
  8. Electronic Data Processing (E.D.P.) Department
Communication & Co-ordination of Various Departments

  • Communicating & explaining the policy decisions to the head of departments
  • Setting definite targets & schedule time for each head of department after discussion.
  • Although these targets are to be achieved by individual departments, the activities involved in the completion of the task of one department is always co-related with the activities of the other
  1. Purchase Department can not supply the material to construction division unless the funds are made available by finance department.
  2. If the scheduled slab is not cast by the engineering department on time, the sales department can not demand the due installment from the client.
Therefore, proper co ordination between various departments is essential. This can be achieved with the right communication between the heads of departments through the respective directors.
  • The day to day information received from the staff aids the head of department in presenting a clear picture of the progress to the directors.

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