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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

How To Handle Clients/Visitors

Attending to the visitors/Clients

On residential/Commercial sites the site engineer often plays the roles of a sales representatives, when the clients come directly to the site for enquiry.

  • Greeting The Client-When clients visit the site, engineers should greet them with a smile.
  • Handling The Client-Even when the engineer is busy, he should welcome the clients and request them to have a seat. Hes should arrange for coffee or soft drinks and let them know that he will attend to their queries soon.
  • Type of Clients-Clients differ in their temperament and handling them can be a tricky job. The Engineer should perfect his skills of handling all type of clients.
  • What Is The Customer Looking For- Talk to customer and get to know of his requirement e.g 1 BHK , 2 BHK, Shop, Office etc.
  • Tell Them About The Company- Tell the client about the company , the development prospects, establishment, turnover, projects, location experienced staff etc.
  • Tell Them About The Project Highlights- Communicate the highlights of the project like number of buildings, total number of flats, major roads located near by the project, near by schools, market, bus station , gardens and other facilities that the client might be interested in.
  • Amenities- Tell the Client About the Amenities provided in the project like
1.     Common TV antenna with one video Channel.
2.     White marble mosaic tiles flooring in all rooms.
3.     24 Hours adequate water supply.
4.     Common Terrace and lift for the buildings.
5.     Attractive elevation of the buildings.
6.     Huge garden with play ground,equipments etc.
  • Show Them The Site Sample Flat- Give a fair idea about the quality of the construction to the client by showing him a site and sample.
  • Five Information For Booking- The engineer should know the approximate built up area f each flat / shop / office etc. He should assist in directing the client the Head Office for booking.
  • Explain The Work/Material Quality-Tell the client of any specialized technique, if used at site. Explain to him the quality standard of the work/material.
  • Behaviour- The client perceives the company the company, from the behavior of the staff.
  • Help The Client In Decision Making- Steer the client towards the sales goal. Offer polite help in taking the purchase. Note down their suggestion/views. if any, about the sample flat or the entire project , its planning and quality.
  • Thanks-A words of thanks can create confidence in their mind about the company.

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