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Friday, 24 June 2016


Organizations are important to the development of the nation. they serve the country and the society by developing products that are technically advanced. The construction industry plays a key role in this development, as it provides one of the three basic need of human life: A HOUSE to the society. usually upto 50% of the total revenue collected by the government is spent on the construction industry.

A construction organization may consist of an individual contractor or it may be a giant construction organization. the scope of the work may e limited to constructing a small house or it may be extend to the constructing of a township of bungalows,row hoses & residential apartments.

Where as the work on a small scale can be handled by an individual,projects with a larger work scope as well as different location require an organization that can carry out a systematic co-ordination of the various construction aspects by assigning a team of trained personnel.This team can give day to day direction to the people on sites as well as in the office. It can also supervise the job and manage to complete the work maintaining quality,speed & economy.

This team is the MANAGEMENT of the organization, the organization is said to be run by its management.


The main objectives of building construction can be broadly classified as :
  • Undertaking & carrying out of various building constructions.
  • Achieving the task through disciplined work & efficient management.
  • Constructing low cost housing schemes for the common man.
  • Developing finance resources to complete the work in the stipulated time.
  • Researching and experimenting to discover better ad superior construction technology.
  • Preparing model projects to demonstrate minimal wastage of materials and labour, to achieve quality results at a minimum cost using the best practical technology.
  • Establishing branches/agencies for efficient management to of the business.
  • Creating joint ventures through association with other companies.
  • Materials testing and development of new building management techniques for prosperty of the organization. 

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