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Wednesday, 6 June 2012


SOME people are here in this world who want to do their own work. it is a nature of people who don't wnat to take help by asking for it. they think that if they ask for the help the world will treat him as a looser or a weak person. slowly slowly this nature becomes ego attitude of those people. the feeling of this thing keep them far from all other human beings by asking for help they feel hurt and by helping others they satisfy theie ego.
               A habit of askingfor help increase your friend circle. people with large friend cirlce are very lucky,when helping each other continues for a long time then only frinedship develpos.
               it often happens that we help people anywhere like while we are walking through the streets or in park or anywhere else and then never met again,this never develpos friendship until meeting them continuously.
               friendship develpos in 7 conditions
in happiness
in asadness
during educations
while entertaining eachother
working places
in neighbour
in family
these are 7 conditions where we meet people remember always help eachother.......because you never know ,when do you need help????

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