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Thursday, 7 July 2011


RAIN...a known word to all of us we can utilize this rain water we do not know....if we know about this so we never apply it in our daily routine.there are many ways we can use the resources  of portable water are very we should save the rain water for our domestic purposes...
                             its placement  depends upon the purpose and the place where it is going to be install.if you want to recharge the earth then you can make a pit in a earth surface and make the sloping way for water  so that water easily go to the it.this is fro recharging the earth which is require in this era.
                             and if you want to store water for domestic purpose than you can install a tank at the earth surface and then make a separate pipe line for the roof so that the rain water directly come to the tank,which is connected through the separate pipe line.

as such in collages we can recharge our ground easily, because it has larger area comparing to other the larger area it can be beneficial to us, as more area of roof can be taken into work and thus it will supply more water to the tank which is installed to store the water.collages like in hilly area can easily recharge the ground because then fro collages we have to excavate the hilly area and it will provide the sloping ground thus by making soaping ground we can recharge them will increase the water level of the particular area and make it at a suitable height that we can easily get portable water from the resources

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