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Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Q>what is dot net?
dot net is a framework for software is similar in nature to any other software development framework (J2EE etc ) in that it rovides a set of runtime containers,and a rich set of pre built functionality in the form of class libraries and APIs.
it consist of : common language run time,the framework classes, and ASP.NET

Q>how many languages .net is suporting now?
about 44 languages.

Q>how .net able to suort multiple languages?
a languages should comply with the common language runtime standard to become a .net language.
in .net ,code is complied to microsoft intermediate language(MSIL for short).this is called as managed code.this managed code is run in .net after compilation to this IL the language is not a barrier.A code call or use a function written in another language.

Q>HOw ASP.NET different from ASP?
scripting is seprated from the HTML,code is complied as DLL, these DLLs can be excuted on the server.

Q>what is smart navigation?
the cursor osition is maintained when the page gets refreshed due to the server side validationj and the page gets refreshed.

Q>what is view state?
the web is stateless,but in ASP.NET ,. the state of a page is maintained in the page itself automatically.
the values are encrypted and saved in hidden controls. this is done automatically by the ASP.NET. this can be switched off/on for a single control.

Q>how do you validate the controls in an ASP.NET page?
using special  validation controls that are meant for this.we have range validator e mail validator.

Q>can the validation be done in the server side?or this can be done only in the client side?
client side is done by default. server side validation is also possible. we can switch off the client side and server side can be done.

Q>how to manage pagination in a page?
using pagination option in data grid control we haver to set the no of records for a page, ten it takes care of pagination by it self.

Q>what is ADO.NET and what is difference b/w ADO and ADO.NET?
ADO.NET is stateless mechainsm. i can treat the ADO.NET as a separate in memory database where in I can use relation ships b/w the tabelsand select insert and udate to the database.I can update the actual database as a batch.

Q>explain the life cycle of an ASP.NET page.?
following are the events occour during ASP.NET page life cycle:
1] Page_prelnit
2] Page_lnit
3] Page_lnitComlete
4] Page_PreLoad
5] Page_Load
6] Controls Events
7] Page_LoadComplete
8] Page_preRender
9] SaveViewState
10] Page_Render
11] Page_Unload
 among above events page_render is the only event which is raised by we cant write code for this event.

how does the cookies work in
we know Http ia an state less protocol which is required for interaction b/w clinet and server.
so ther is no need  to remember state of request raised by an web browser so that,
web server can recognize you have already previously visited or not.

there are two types of state management techniques:
client side state management
server side state management
using cookies comes under client side state management. in Http response we write cookie containing sessionld and other information with in it.

when a browser made a request to the web server the same cookie is sent to the server where server recognize the session id and get other information stored to it previously.

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